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Gift of Life

“Life would have denied me all these wonderful experiences, but for the kindness and generosity of my donor and the family, it hasn’t.”

1600 Australians are currently on the waiting list, a third of whom wont live to receive the gift of life. Australia is the world leader in successful transplant outcomes however has one of the lowest donor rates and strictest policies regarding organ and tissue donation. 1 donor can improve the lives of 10 people, however their just aren’t enough people willing to donate, in fact only 10.9 per million people ever end up donating their organs or tissue after death. Your family has the final OK, and consent rates are low, less than 60% of families agree to let donation proceed.

Kevin Rudd is a strong supporter for organ donation, mainly because if it wasn’t for the kindness of an anonymous person and their family, he probably wouldn’t be alive. Kevin Rudd has had two aortic calve replacement surgeries, one at 32 and the second at 53. Notable recipients of organ and tissue transplants have been, Aron Eisenberg, Kerry Packer, George Lopez and Steve Jobs.

DonateLife, the organization behind the coordination of organ and tissue transplants, is currently promoting Organ Donation Week, a time which encourages people to speak with their loved ones and share their donation wishes. Discover, Decide and Discuss. Many events will take place around Australia to help create awareness of the campaign. The official launch was on Monday February 20 where over 300 dance school students performed a flash mob in the middle of Martin Place. Luckily our journalists were there to catch the action and upload a video of it to YouTube.

If you have any queries regarding organ donation visit or if you wish to get involved in any events near you regarding organ donation week visit their twitter account, or check out events on their website,

Filmed on a mobile phone:


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One thought on “Gift of Life

  1. My YouthWrites article has been selected as a feature post on Transplant Awareness Daily Newspaper (link: Thank you very much to selectors, it is a great honor to have an article on your website. Ill be posting more soon. @cjrholman

    Posted by Christian | February 24, 2012, 10:04 am

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